All Stars Comes to The Glasshouse!

by | May 16, 2019 | Archived

The Bears origins are indeed humble. A pub team formed in 1983 that took on the might of the league and became gladiatorily competitive. Success followed success, and even without a home ground, league title after league title was acquired until the dizzy heights of the Wiltshire League Division One was achieved.

The strength of The Bears has always come from their heart, their never say die attitude, their sense of comradeship, their desire to win, but not at the expense of fair play.

Their sense of fun both on and off the pitch is legendary. The friendships formed in the early years of 1983 have been sustained, and new friendships formed as a new generation of Bears takes the helm and the field.

In 2018 the management committee decided to participate in the ECB All Stars Programme, a cricket coaching school for eight weeks for 5-8 year old boys and girls. The Bears’ desire to cultivate youth, involve new people in the club, and give something back to the community, having played in Bath for years was at the forefront of the decision. The first year was very successful with 38 participants, and great feedback was received from the parents/guardians of the young people.

In 2019, the management team decided more could be done; with a passion for cricket within everyone’s heart at the club, they wanted to extend this passion to young people who were not in a position to take advantage of the All Stars programme due to lack of funds. Contacts were made with local schools to identify potential candidates, fundraising was implemented, and today Bear Flat Cricket Club is really proud to say that ten young people, who would not ordinarily be able to take part in the beautiful game we know as cricket, have been given that opportunity under the ECB All Stars Programme.

Our first session is at the Glasshouse, Bradford Road, Combe Down, on Saturday 11 May. With qualified coaches, Mark Gunning and Andy Ebdon, Bear Flat Cricket Club is sure to provide an event which will generate a love of cricket within young people for years to come.