The Best Christmas Present Ever

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Archived

After the trials and tribulations of C19, with Christmas being effectively cancelled for so many it was hard back then to think there would be a possibility of cricket being played at The Glasshouse in 2021.

But sometimes in life, the thing you want the most is occasionally granted, and so it was the fortunes of The Bears started to change in 2021.

Work started on the new clubhouse at The Glasshouse.

Due to league restructuring, The Bears were moved up into Division 1 of the Wiltshire League.

A vaccine was proven effective and rolled out.

A roadmap for leaving lockdown was announced and the signs of a full cricket season were looking first remotely possible, then possible, then being cautiously optimistic, very possible.

The ECB, Wiltshire League, Somerset Cricket Board, and Bath Recreation had kept the faith during the C19 crisis, planning in the background, endeavouring to ensure that when cricket returned it would be in good shape, and our thanks go to those organisations for all the support they have given to this Club.

The Management Committee worked hard to ensure the Club would be in good financial and structural shape. New additions to the management committee were offering up fresh ideas, new ways of thinking, and slowly but surely the 2021 development plan started to emerge. Proposals to turn the Sunday XI into a development side, offering a pathway from a youth side, yet to be formed, into league cricket. The seeds had been planted. Just as new shoots heralds spring, new shoots of ideas were starting to bear fruit. The Youth Team sub-committee pulled together The Bear Cubs roadmap, and things started to happen.

With only six weeks to go until the first friendly of the season, Sunday XI friendlies are booked, All Stars are registered at The Glasshouse, comms strategies are in place for The Bear Cubs.

This is a brand new year. This is a brand new world and this is a brand new website to mark the start of The Bears new adventures back into cricket.

Best belated Christmas present ever?