Umpiring Wisdom – Ted Talks!

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Archived

In advance of us umpires actually getting training on the law changes, here is a summary of what players contacted by ACO think will affect them most .

It is now a no ball if the ball bounces more than ONCE before reaching the popping crease or if it pitches wholly or partially off the pitch.

A runner for an injured batsman must have part of his bat or person behind the popping crease until the ball reaches the striker or passes the popping crease. If a runner is in breach of of this then umpire will disallow runs scored similar to what happens now with leg byes .

Fielders’ and wicketkeeper’s helmets if struck while being worn do not make the ball dead. So batsmen can be caught or stumped off the helmet.

There are changes to the dangerous and short pitched deliveries law which I don’t fully understand so will cover this change after training.  One thing is certain is that any full pitched ball above waist height is a no ball regardless of the speed of it .

The emphasis has been changed to put the onus on the non-striker to remain in his ground until the bowler would normally be expected to deliver the ball.  It is now possible for the bowler to run out the non-striker up to that point with no warning required !

There is a new law concerning unacceptable player contact.  It’s a bit of a minefield and it is possible the league will amend their own regulations to cover this law so more will follow after umpire training.

Finally, for now, one especially for our captain !

It is now an offence to attempt to deceive either batsman by any mock fielding where a fielder feigns to field or throw the ball in an attempt to prevent the batsmen running, or where a fielder feigns not to have fielded the ball in an attempt to deceive the batsmen into running and effect a run out .This includes clapping your hands as the ball passes in an attempt to deceive the batsmen into thinking you have fielded the ball. . Result – 5 penalty runs to the batting side and the hassle of the umpire having to submit a report!

Umpire Ted