Featured Player of the Month May 2018 – Michael Sherring

by | May 1, 2018 | Archived

Mr May is a bit of an enigma; he joined The Bears ten years ago,
after being coerced by Rob Wilson at a 5 a side football training for Freshford to come along to nets.  Michael joined The Bears from the WEPL league, and brought a wealth of talent with him.  He describes himself as a creature of extreme emotions, either being on a hyper high or a depressive downer, in a very Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy kind of way.  He is infamous for his crouch position, a sign of which way his feelings are going on the day….

In his prime Michael was an all rounder – batting, bowling and initially sharing the wicket keeper’s role with Rob Wilson, the then captain.  He has a Botham-esque stature, and describes himself as The Bears very own David Warner.  He is indeed a larger than life character, and enjoys the banter that playing for The Bears offers him, both on and off the pitch.  He is described as the social stalwart of the club, being first to The Devonshire Arms after a home game, and very often, last to leave.

Michael felt he had one of his better seasons for The Bears last year, and picked up an award at the end of the season Captain’s player of the season.  Although he retired his bowling three years ago (although he describes it as being retired for him by the captain!), he is known for many a one handed catch, some intentional, some not so, plucking apples with his bear claws has turned many a match in the favour of The Bears.

His claim to fame throughout his career for The Bears was 123; his last season’s average was a very respectable 24.76.

His favourite matches last season were both against Winsley; being the joker of the team he enjoyed the aussie style sledging, gave as good as he got, but was quick to point out The Bears played both games in the right spirit, aand with determination.  “There was a great vibe and a buzz around the pitch, which made doing the double by winning both games even sweeter” said Michael.

Michael is excited by the recent announcements regarding the home of The Bears, The Glasshouse, and the improvements outlined by The Bath Recreation Trust.   “To start the 2019 season with new facilities gives great impetus to the club to push for promotion and get the promotion the club truly deserves.  It was massively disappointing to lose some good players this year due to the promotion restrictions imposed by the league;  I am sure they would still be playing for us if we had been promoted as we should have been”.  This has proved to be a frustration for Michael, one we hope when the new facilities are in place will be rectified.

Michael’s goal for the 2018 season is to score at least one 100; the captain’s goal is to keep him playing all season.  There have been instances in the past where Michael’s season has been cut short due to differences of opinion.  Mark Gunning, the captain, said “Michael when focused, on form, is a match winner on the day.  I’d like nothing better than to have him play every game this season”.

Michael has the accolade of having run out one of the England cricket ladies team, Bzth born and bred, Anya Shrubsole, although is modest about that.  “Just a lucky throw”.  Let’s hope he has many more of those in the forthcoming season!